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Default Re: Workflow problems

Ron, I couldn't agree more.

To be honest, I will probably never use 90% of what CS3 has to offer. I've got to the point where I'm comfortable with the exposure, shadow and highlight, curves, hue/saturation, brightnes and contrast, smart sharpen, channel mixer and a few other 'basic' functions.

My shoots are now better planned than ever and, at the moment, I'm doing 80% B&W fillm with the Leica M6 and 20% with the D200. That will change - but it's amazing to see what can be done with CS3 when it comes to scanned film.

There'll never be a substitute for seeing a silver print coming up out of the developing tray - but I've been extremely pleased with what I've been able to achieve with CS3 in the last couple of weeks.

Best wishes, Paul.
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