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Default Re: great day for nikon and canon but olympus?????

Robert, get a grip! They are ONLY cameras. It's who's holding the camera that makes most difference.

Ansel Adams took photos in the early-mid 20th Century with little more than a light-tight box and a decent lens. His images are still stunning - even by today's standards. Why, because he knew the camera is only a tool and it was up to him to get the best out of it.

I'm a Nikon user. Occasionally, I'll look at the Canon 5D and go "Mmmm, nice camera. What if I traded my D200 and bought one?". Then I'll see a shot taken with a 5D that is pretty average and realise that it's not the camera, it's the photographer that creates the photograph.

You pay your money and you take your chance, my friend. Olympus are a great company and have brought out some superb equipment over the years - and will continue to do so.

DO NOT listen to the gear-freaks and techno-junkies. They will cost you your wallet - and your sanity if you let them.
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