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Default great day for nikon and canon but olympus?????

i have been using the E-1 and its higher end lenses for 3 years now and have been extremely happy with the results, not to mention the money I generated from weddings and portriats and other freelance porjects, along the years but I sadlly say that olympus last pro camera (E-1) came out in 2003!!! i feel put down and almost wanting to switch to the DARK SIDE, what the hell is wrong with these people??? can someone tell me how can nikon come out with the a FULL frame camera D300 and not to mention what canon has acheived and am stuck with a noise over iso400!!!! Olympus has put me down with there promises and 'future goals' can some one tell me why I should NOT SWITCH? can anyone convince me otherwise? or have i been duped from the very begining. Im extremely troubled and have been living in a wishful thinking state that olympus will come out with a new succesor to the E-1 but all i hear is crap.

am currently in my back yard with a tight noose around my neck standing on top of a chair waiting for H O P E can anybody come to my aid? can anybody save my life?
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