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So even in the music composition you mention it is not an exact statement, (and how could it be, to 30 decimal places), and this is only if the music is performed metronomically (at exact tempo throughout) which is unlikely and undesirable.In other words it is still being rounded up. Maybe if you work it out more acurately (demi semiquavers, climax to the nearest nanosecond) it will work out.
Seriously though, internal structure is much more interesting in music than photography, there is much more to talk about, because music is constructed over a much longer time scale, and is expressive on a much deeper level. Complex forms, even if not obvious to the listener, is possible and desirable in a way that is unimaginable in photography.
Many composers, for example Messiaen, were quite obsessed with the special powers of prime numbers. How could we utilize this as photographers?
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