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I always promise to myself not to take part in discussions on the Forum but then I am tempted in one moment and I regret it later. The reason this time is that I have been preparing lately the book about time series analysis. After seeing many graphs of US airpassengers, US Global Brutto Product, exchange rates of Eur versus US dollar, Population in somewhere and so on, and so on,I tried to apply it to something that is familoiar to me the numbers about TrekEarth. It is ideal source of data for such an analysis as we have a long series of daily data, that can be aggregated in moths and years.I wouldlike to make an advanced research using R environment, that is widely used in the world for statistics, and I will do it later; in the moment I just took the years. But such analysis is done to make predictions. So this time I am concerned with the future more than the past. And this future is not pleasant.

I know that most such sites are in troubles. I liked Fotopedia but it doesn't exist any more, Photofolia had problems, the same New Photoland. Maybe the lack of time is the reason. There is much efort to post a photo on TE, with critiques , note and no effort at all on Facebook.
As to the big format, I am glad to post photos with 1600 pixels but it doeasnt make any sense to post bigger ones as we do not see he composition of the whole on screen, we can't read the note and see the photo in the same time and the quality is very often quite bad. I am still using beta.
Main thing now is : can we stop the process?
I am sorry to make this again and again.

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