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Default To AttilaLToth: "Accept the challange!?" Yes, sure enough!:

Servus Atti,
I need to make some remarks about your workshop but first I really have to thank you for your time.
OK,no more nice guy!:)
1.First,if there is a major color cast in the photo but not in the highlights or (and) the shadows, you do not go to Lab mode until it`s fixed in RGB,because it is much easier to do it here.If the color cast is uniform all over the picture (which used to happen with the film cameras,but not with the digital cameras,which are worse in this regard),you can take it out fast in Lab.
2.I did not posted a workshop.The one I posted is the original image,without any alteration,so you cannot criticize me for that.
3.If it is to be picky about technicalities,you made some mistakes in the workshop and I can prove it:
-Your gray point on the small camera (number 4)shows me the following readings:R=99,G=104,B=85,which is kind of green,isn`t it?
-Your "white" hat is actually slightly green. The a channel (in Lab) measures between -2 and -5.In my case it shows 0 and -1.
-The worse is your shadow areas,which are totally plunged in (they measure 0,0,0),and it`s not just the watch wrist.
"Color by the numbers",right?:)
-The hand color is more correct in your version,though...
Thanks again,
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