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Default Re: Does TrekEarth only show the nice sides of these world..

Yes and a little bit no.
Most people here make photo's on their hollidays, treks, expat - or homecountries. It's a combination of hobby and not being journalists that produces photo's that express a positive site of life.
I guess for the majority of the TE community, being on TE is a possitive way of spending time.
I don't think people neglected the photo, maybe they just didn't think it was interesting enough from a technical POV to comment, maybe they just didn't want to think about the hardship right now.
I've posted a photo of a make-shift monument on Bali, one year after (700+ views), and one of a person eating from containers in Latvia(400+ views). I feel confident, that whatever people saw and read, was accurate. And I realy don't care about then having no points, because to be honoust, I'm not a good photographer.
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