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Default To jwmunro: dream lake hike

The stretch above Nymph is one of most favorite in the park .. the half mile from Nymph to Dream has a number of just wonderful compositions of Longs Peak looking down into glacier gorge .. Dream Lake rates with Mills Lake and the Loch as tied for my favorite places in the park .. and is about half the effort as those other two .. Emerald Lake .. another half mile up from Dream sits right at the base of Hallet peak and is a stunning place .. but like the Loch will require stitching to really get it all in ... a little summer fantasy - hope of mine.

Back to Dream Lake .. Fielder always talks about Lake Haiyaha as his favorite of them .. It sits on the trail that breaks off just as you get to Dream Lake and connects back to the Glacier Gorge system near the Loch .. I have not been there since I was a 21 year old graduate student .. I did the Loch, Haiyaha, and Dream in one day .. just remember it as a long day and that I was not so impressed with it then .. but it was probably the boulder field that surrounds Haiyaha that ticked me off as hiker that makes Fielder so impressed with it .. so I also want to get back there.

this page by Jesse Speer I find to be a really useful resource:

and I really love his images as well:

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