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Default To cherryripe: Nikon vs Canon

Hi Nikki,
Thanks for your visit and critique. July/August is perhaps not the best time of year for the American southwest - at least I had a lot of haze, but was lucky with Monument Valley. I hope you have a good trip and look forward to seeing your pictures.
As for Nikon vs. Canon, I'm currently stuck with both systems as I haven't yet sold my Nikon gear - I find it hard to part with cameras :(
To tell the truth it was a long and difficult decision. I wasn't entirely happy with my D200 and wanted to upgrade to a full-frame system, so it was either a D700 or the Canon, but as I would have had to buy several lenses in either case (I no longer feel like carrying around my old set of Nikon prime lenses) and Canon lenses are significantly cheaper than the equivalent Nikons, it was largely a question of economics. Also (for what it's worth) the 5D Mk II has 21 MP compared to the 12 of the D700 and also I imagine a D800 will be coming out in a few months' time so I didn't want to find myself with yet another obsolete camera. Anyway, as I said it was a tough decision. If I win the lottery I'll probably switch back to Nikon and buy the D3x plus that amazing 14-24 mm lens (or maybe go straight for a Hasselblad)...
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