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i haven't visited nachtwey's website since the last time i posted on this forum when i was going all out supporting him..
i dont think i like his work anymore..
it's not that his photographs are too much for me to handle ..
but since then i've started seeing the same kind of photographs almost everyday in the newspapers taken by photographers belonging to reuters, AFP, AP and other news agencies.. im not saying that they're bad photographers.. but i realise that they all take photographs in a hurry to send the agency whatever they can at the end of the day..natchwey's have the similar feel to them.. his photographs have always.. made me feel bad for the subjects.. somewhat making me pitying them.. i think i now understand what luko, darren and jorrit were talking about.. especially luko

nowadays i'm really obsessed with salgado's works.. infact i have hardly anytime for magnum anymore.. i dont remember the last time i spent more than 5 minutes on that site. it's just salgado..
the feeling in his photographs are really hard to describe... but it's far from pity..
when i see his photographs of the workers.. i'm left in an awe.. there is just soo much hardwork.. pride.. self respect caught in each of those photographs.. it kind of makes me envy them instead of feeling bad for them...
in the case of refugees and children and other victims.. there is no pity felt.. but there is an overwhelming feeling of opening my arms out to them and embracing them.. i guess like luko mentioned somewhere .. salgado's photographs capture the true essence of humanity.. :)

salgado's own site
the beautiful terra link to salgado's work that luko had posted earlier.. incase some of you havent seen it already.

merry christmas and a happy new year to you all :)
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