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Default Re: How to check if your photos have been stolen

Don't forget, it's indeed YOUR choice to post at 800px 300Kb easily to blow up to reasonable A4 quality on a site called FREE IMAGE BANK, without any explicit copyright notice by every photo, targetting top rankings by a deal with Google, you risk indeed that a young blogger amuses himself to gather these easy ducks from where YOUR photo will lead a total new unprotected life, so your conclusion is right, posting here you must accept theft, the administration use your remark 'it can be copied anyway' as an excuse to do nothing about it while there were more then one suggestion to have more protection ...

take a look once on other sites how they give at least some help to protect more by f.i. putting a logo over it when not logged in (Magnum) or an overlay with a blank GIF or the possibility to authorize some to see full size (even bigger then 800px) while others see it at at only 500px and ....

YOUR CHOICE, no need to even mention theft as you accept the consequences by your posts here to learn, so learn ...

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