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Default Re: Language question

Do you mean that people who have posted comments on your images have listed them as comments rather than critiques? Or do you mean the same members post as comments on your images what they post as critiques on other members' images? Under Guidelines ( it is suggested that:

"Critiques are to be used for any critical or praiseworthy comments about the critiqued photo. Very general critiques i.e. Nice shot, Great, I like it a lot! or similar comments are not particularly helpful, and therefore, are discouraged. Instead, critiques should include specific reasons as to why a photo is either good or needs improvement."

I have seen lots of these types of comments posted as critiques on other people's images, so if that's all I want to say about an image I list that as a comment instead of a critique, or I say nothing- sometimes it's nice to just say "This is a cool shot" but I prefer more detailed critiques and so I leave more detailed critiques. Maybe there are some members who keep looking at your images who want to say something but feel like it isn't a "critique" so they post as a comment instead of critique?

I hope you're able to solve the mystery.

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