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Default Re: the game was rude, yeap

Cristiano is hoped to play against England, but it’s still not sure.

There’s also some commotion because some people wanted Figo to be expelled after he made that menacing act with his head against the Dutch player - where the Dutch player faked a hard contact and thrown himself to the ground complaining almost “half an hour” later.

I think the attitude of the players was a disgrace on both sides, but there were two occasions that can easily make someone with Latin blood “boil” (as you know)…

1- The tackle over Cristiano should have been a straight red card to the Dutch player (with right to a spanking in the locker-room). It could have destroyed the kids’ career for good. After that the players thought they could do anything without being expelled.

2 – The very bad attitude of the Dutch when the Portuguese thrown the ball off-field so R. Carvalho got assistance. When the ball went to the game it would be expected (as we see even in the most minor divisions) the Dutch to pass the ball to the Portuguese again, so the game would continue as it was. Instead the Dutch grabbed the ball in a sneaky way and tried to get the Portuguese defence off-guard. To stop the play Deco had to make an ugly foul and got the first yellow, which was a motive for his later expulsion, so he won’t play against England. In my opinion his yellow should be forgiven due to the very bad attitude of the Dutch. In fact I think the Portuguese Federation will present the situation to FIFA as the Dutch did not respect the fair-play rules.

Of course the Dutch also have complains about Portugal… But at the end the referee allowed for all that to happen. He did not protect the players against violent play, he allowed for the fair-play policy to be thrown down the drain and was uneven in the decisions without any coherence (in fact not benefiting anyone, just making bad referee).

At the end he killed all the major objectives FIFA have been trying to promote in the latest years like protection of the “artists” to have emotive games, and the fair-play.
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