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Default Getting a picture below 200k in Photoshop

First, I resize the picture to the final size using Image/ImageSize - make sure that Constrain Proportions is checked, and that ResizeImage is checked and set to Bicubic. Type the size you want for the long edge, and the other axis will be resized accordingly.

Next sharpen the image - look at a section (or the whole image if possible) at 100% magnification, and select Filter/Sharpen - either use Unsharp Mask or Sharpen, if you use Sharpen I tend to immediately fade it to 75% using Edit/FadeSharpen. Watch for haloes appearing around sharper edges, that's a sign you've oversharpened the image - if they appear click Undo and try again!

Finally I choose File/SaveForWeb - this enables you to see what effect your JPEG settings will have on the final result. I use the "2-Up" view, because it allows me to compare the original with the compressed version. Select JPEG, then select a Quality of 65 (Blur 0), and make sure that Optimise is checked. Now gradually reduce the Quality setting - look at fine detail, and any sharp edges in your image - if you reduce the value too far artifacts will appear around edges, and fine detail will disappear. Most of my images are saved somewhere with a quality of between 50-65. When you vary the setting a filesize will be displayed - if it's below 200k you're done! Now remember to click Save, and give it a new filename - overwriting your original image is a very bad idea...
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