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Hi Jose,

thank you for your answer. Actually I do not fully agree with you on several points.

"So people would not write "bad critiques" just not to get a "not-useful"."

This is the main concern. I believe on the contrary that 'bad' critiques will receive more or less the same number of points as a 'good' one. Maybe the person who made the picture will give zero points for a 'bad' critique, but all others members could give points to the critique with a much greater impact.

"it's very, very time consuming"

I agree this is the main problem.

"it's a completly different system from what is currently used and so it would be incompatible"

No. Simply because the current system proposes 3 choices both for the photos or the critiques: "0,1,2" points and "useful/neutral/not useful". It should be easy to make a system that translates "0,1,2" in "bad/neutral/good" and "useful/neutral/not useful" in "2,1,0".

By the way, the current system still satisfies some members here on TE. The proposal is simply to give more impact to the critiques: both systems can still live in harmony ;-)))

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