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To Adam:

"I believe BobTrips suggested displaying number of critiques received instead of points a while back. I'd like to try that out."

Being the creator of this discussion I must agree... :o)
I still feel the smileys could be maintained just to indicate the tendency of the critique. Probably just two. One meaning "Good", and other meaning "Needs Improvements". Maybe there's no need for the yellow one... This one could be understood in what was written...

These smileys could only be counted in the photo page as a simple indicator of the opinions tendency to help the author.

"comment/critique option"

I'm not being much active lately so I didn't realize the real impact of this feature, but I feel it won't chage much the things as they are.... Sorry...

"Ultimately I feel having a groups feature will allow members with different perceptions to get more use out of the site."

This is something I'm eager (is this how it spell?...) to see!
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