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To Padam:

"I believe this would be more interesting to have a system that gives more value to critiques than to photos themselves.(...)This will encourage people not only to write a larger number of critiques (for those that are here to collect points!), but also to increase the quality of them."

To me this is a good idea. But there are several problems here.
-First, when someone writes a good critique but it's not positive about the photo and thus receive a not-useful just because it does not praise the photo. Many have experienced this. So people would not write "bad critiques" just not to get a "not-useful".
-Second, it's very, very time consuming. Can you imagine what is to read and rate the thousands of critiques? Currently I don't even rate the critiques I receive because I don't have time (and like me, many).
-Third, it's a completly different system from what is currently used and so it would be incompatible. I guess this could mess with everything done until the moment.

"The 'useful/neutral/not useful' rating is IMO an excellent idea,(...)"
As I said several times the "not-useful" does not help unless you know which was marked like this. But if you know you may start conflicts. So I have serious doubts of it's usefulness (aside from giving the stars).
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