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Default To Royaldevon: huge expanse of sand

Hi Bev,
don't worry I am not offended
I expected that some people will express opinion like that.

I grew up in a region which is hilly far away from the sea.
I remember when I first time visited flat parts of Poland it was quite shocking for me, even though most of Poland is relatively flat..
This is however nothing in comparison to flat open spaces I have seen in Northern Germany, Ireland and now England.
It may appear as boring but for me it is quite an interesting phenomenon.
And while being there I had seriously goose bumps.
The beach was so very much wide, the sea departed far away. I made quite a distant walk far away from everything, and everything was perfectly flat!

In regard to people, as well I suppose we have to grow thick skin.
Most people are not smart by nature. This is something what is quite apparent.
I think still UK is the most cosmopolitan, meaning also foreigners friendly in Europe.
But may be times are changing.
I think if I moved to Warsaw I would hear the same voices "you are not from here".
They even have a special derogatory expression for outsiders moving to Polish capital, and not even foreigners but people from outside Warsaw.
I actually know a family who was divided. A mother didn't accept her daughter's husband only because he was not from Warsaw and she does not talk to her daughter anymore.
Ironically, most if not all people living in Warsaw are coming from outside. Stalin hated Warsaw because they started uprising against Germans just before Russian and Communist Polish armies approached Warsaw from the east. The goal of uprising was to create free Poland independent from Russia. Stalin decided to stop the armies along the river, waiting for the uprising to be quenched by Nazi. Germans were so angry that they demolished all buildings in town. And Russians were so angry that Stalin didn't allow any people who were originally from Warsaw to live there after WWII. So effectively all people living in Warsaw are newcomers.
I suppose some Communist party members were granted exceptions.

Ironically I don't feel like at home anywhere now, and I have sentiment to many places, including my home town but also Los Angeles or Munich.
Kind regards,

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