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Default Re: Just a thought.....

Unfortunatly I cannot contribute much to this discussion because I'm completly out of the publishing area... :-(

But if Henrye idea of donating the sales money to a charity organization would go forward, the chosen organization could give some help and support in organizing the things... They are usually volunteers and could gladly help this project that would work on their behalf.

So, if Adam - everything allways falls on this poor guy... :o) - have an idea of a suitable organization maybe it could be contacted to understand what kind of support they are abble to give... They usually have a lot of contacts and know how to search for support to certain actions.

Sorry if this a naive suggestion...

About the selection of the photos I still believe TE is a quite unite community despite the different views (wich is one of the richest things in TE because all are well intentioned and constructive), so things could work fine.
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