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Default Re: Weather in Canada - January

In December, around the 21st, it's the winter solstice, which means it's also the shortest day of the year.

Therefore, if you come in early January, there will be very few sunny hours. It's not like if you were in North Pole and it's always pitch dark, but you can be sure that you will need your tripod from 17h00... In the morning, light doesn't shows before 6h30-7h00... So you have about 10 hours of light in winter, compared to 16 hours during summer.

Last weekend in America, we had to set our clocks one hour back, as a way of getting more light out of the day, so the night arrives even earlier from now on.

There is a big difference between Toronto and Montreal by the way. In TO, you will very rarely see serious snow and if it happens, than the whole city will be freeze, as they are not equipped with army of trucks and snow plows - just like New York. Here in Mtl, snow is a way of living, so you will see much more of the white powder and people are dressed accordingly.

There is also a difference between Mtl and Québec City, not in term of equipment, because we both have to face harsh winter, but it's always colder in Quebec by 4 or 5 degrees...

For a Brazilian, you are very courageous to come here during winter. My girlfriend is African and she will also see snow for the first time...! Yeah!!!!! Well, almost, because it was slightly snowing during her first visit in Canada... in June!...

Just don't bring your Copacabana g-string; you won't need it!... :-P)

P.S.: Don't believe my friend Daniel Walsh, in Vancouver, as they don't have a clue what is winter over there... LOLLLL! It's always raining, even during winter and the normal weather is between 8 and 10 celsius, while it's around -8 in Montreal.

When Dan is saying that it's cold in Vancouver, he means they can't play beach volleyball in Stanley Park after Christmas...

In Montreal, it means your pipi will freeze before touching ground if you urinate outside... :-P)

Bring extra batteries for your camera, as they get empty very fast under cold weather...

Enjoy your stay in Canada and manifest yourself if you need informations (yes, we have brazilian bars and restaurants... :-P)


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