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hello Friends !

This is my first reply in this wonderful great project,with 4 Km replies!:)

I was in connect with Cesar.

Count me in for every matter,just becareful about my poor english!

But for Cover :

this is very very important for a book,and for a photography book more than the other books.
We must use a "professional designer" for the cover,I have some great friends who works in this motif.
in our friendly world(my friends and I),they can design a cover for us,without any money and it will be a gift by one of them,but we will printed his name as cover's designer.

They will work(at least one of them),and will create a few pre design.

I will contact them as soon as possible,but some idea :

- must be simple (not very busy,and full of elements)


* TE logo(with its colors)

* "Learning about the world through photography"

* a few shots :at least 4 and max 8(will faded to others,small,big,...with some effect which Designer will suggest)

*...(You can say another..)


Who will approve the final cover? a person or a group?

I'm at your service my friends :)

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