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Default People not Temples

Hi, Maciej :)
(is that Polish for Matheiw or for Max?)

By bike I don't mean bicycle but MOTOR-cycle,and prefferably an off road motorcycle known as a dirt bike.

If your driving you have much more freedom,and you're able to go through villages no moto driver will take you to ...
The same with the temples, the way is just as interesting as the temples themselves,and on the way there are villages.

Also, as I have mentioned earlier April is the hottest month in Cambodia.

April 13th is the Cambodian (and also Thai,Burmese & Laotian) New Year which means merry making throughout the country and people
throwing water at eachother(to wash away last year's sins) but also to cool off during the hottest period of the year, so its a great time to catch religious processions etc throughout the country ...

As for monks in temples, you can almost always find a few lounging around, or as Philip has suggested,within the Angkorwat temple precincts on both sides of the main sanctuary itself there are two modern monasteries with many young monks eager to practice their English ... so its not a problem at all,only maybe a bit cliche ...
In the Bayon area as well there's a monastery next to the road going to the westgate of Angkor Thom , and as Philip mentioned there's also
the temple behind and to the north of the Royal enclosure and Lepper King Terrace,next to an old temple called Preah Palilay - hey usually I'm paid hundreds of dollars a day for this info ... enjoy:)

Anyway, enjoy your trip.

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