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Default Re: 10 days in Cambodia?

Hellow Everyone :)
<or should I say Jom Rieb Soo :) <>

Wow, this only the third thread I read in this forum or website and it seems
its just the place for me ...

I've been living in Cambodia for the past 5 years, in Siem Reap ...

I agree completely with Philip's and Bob's suggestions.

I've always found Pnom Penh rough around the edges but for markets
and photographing people I think it's a great place!

I have to ask you a question: Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?
If you do you should either rent a scooter for around PNH or better
rent a dirt bike for the duration,there are a couple of places always renting dirtbikes in PNH. With a bike you'll have the freedom to go where you want and do as you please ...

Philip coverd the south and beaches.
Ratanakiri & Mondulkiri are like the dark side of the moon. very untouristy but I think not enough time during your visit of 10 days ...

As for the temples, yeah most people take only a 3 day pass but for a photographer that might not be enough ...

Again if you ride ask around and go on a day trip to Beng Mealea temple,
Its about 60 cliks form Angkor forgotten in the jungle litteraly
and huge. You really get the sensation you're Indiana Jones if you go there
and ofcourse its off the beatten trail with great villages on the way ...

On the way from PNH to REP you can stop at Kampong Thom and go off to visit the oldest temples in Cambodia SAMBOR PREI KOOK
and in the same vicinity Koh Ker litterally a lost city in the jungle
and offcourse on the way great photo opportunities.

Than there's also Banteay Chmar an other lost city in the jungle ...

And you can take from Siem Reap a few hours or a full day to explore the floating villages ...

Also not far from Pursat mentioned earlier by Bob if I remember correctly there is an amazing floating city at Kampong Luong.

Just Remember one thing, April is probably the hottest month of the year to visit Cambodia
A real scorcher!

Have a great Trip, If I'm there when you come would love to meet you.

[email protected]
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