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Default People/Portraits... Release Forms!

Just noticed a reference to this in the latest update.

Whilst travelling, how many of us have actually acquired the explicit permission of the subject to use their image beyond merely having taken their photograph?

I suspect the cultural and language barriers means that most of those portraits submitted for inclusion in the book do not have accomanying release forms. With photographs that fall into the street category it is near impossible to get a release.

I classify this book as one featuring Artistic and Editorial content rather than commercial or advertising (and it certainly isn't going to be a profitable enterprise!). From my understanding, you shouldn't need a release form for this sort of work to be published (though it doesn't hurt and it does vary from country to country.)

Do we have some means of clarifying this issue or will it eventuate that few portraits and street scenes make it into the final book? Since the photography of people makes up such an important aspect to TE, not having any due to a legal issue would be tragic.

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