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Default 10 days in Cambodia?

hi, it is my turn to ask some questions to TE travellers.
I am going to take 10 days of vacation, from 3.04 to 12.04... I live in Hong Kong now, so I am going to travel not very far from HK... and I was thinking about going to Cambodia, there is a direct flight available now at a reasonable price.
and there is the question, how to spend 10 days in Cambodia and return back home with nice pictures?
so, I fly to Phnom Penh, I spend there 2-3 days and I go by slow boat to Siem Reap to see famous Angkor Wat and to hunt for monks with some temples in the background... 3 days should be fine there.. and what to do then? where to go? I have no clue!
so where can I go to have some chances to take interesting photos, I don't care much about landscapes or monuments, I want to see people.. markets, life on the river, maybe minority villages...
and what about the safety in Cambodia? I have heard so many bad stories about beggars and people mugged on the street in Phom Penh..
and I have read the thread about Angkor started by Thien, so I know a bit about Angkor from your point of view.
or maybe I should go somewhere else and leave Cambodia for less hot period and for a longer stay there... 10 days is not much!
so, any suggestions are welcome :-)
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