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Default Re: To prezntime: Hi Christopher,

I love to make people say:"It`s over the top!":)
Now really,the lower part of the photo was not "photoshop-ed" more than taking it from the lightest version of the raw file and added to the other one.
The blue was there and I think you realize that if I wanted to ,I could have removed it,but THAT have been unnatural.
I left it as it was because I liked it.
Because you deserve it, I have to confess that the moon was there,but much smaller,so the truth is somewhere in the middle:)
To have my "revenge" I made a workshop for one of your gorgeous photos,and I hope you DO MIND IT:)
For that photo I wanted to keep the mood but it was altogether too dark so I increased the highlight from 75 (in Lab color mode) to 95 (100 being the absolute white).
Thank you very much and I love to hear honest opinions,
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