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Smile To tyro: Grazie Giovanni, From Lisa & Sid

heheheh thanks Giovanni, Sid says hi.

I took this with my little underwater compact Olympus, as I'd stupidly left the brand new 5D MkIII in the hotel. So the quality isn't great, but I loved Sid's look. You quite rightly remark on his hair-do. It was rather out there, bald in some spots, with a little bit of fuzz in others.

The thing that most disappoints me about this photo is the bit of fence I left in on the left-hand side of the frame. I should have cloned it out, or as Luciano helpfully suggests, used a vertical frame, this cropping it out. Very slack of me indeed.

Speaking of new toys, I've just bought a 14mm Samyang f/2 lens. They are so cheap and the quality is amazing. I'm tempted to by the Samyang 8mm Fisheye too - even cheaper than the 14mm.

Ahh it's pluge time. I'll have at least 4 in your honour.

Un abbraccio
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