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Default To feather: not really for tourists

hi Kath
I would disagree these folks were there for tourists; I saw a lot of trade interaction amongst the locals too; as in locals buying from locals. Sure, there were many tourists in the marketplace, but still way less than in other touristy areas I've seen (the market places near Quito, Ecuador, for example). As to the cathdral front: many of the folks there seemed just to have a 'moment to themselves'; meanwhile fleurists, grocery and candle merchants were selling exclusively to the locals (right there on the cathedral stairs).

Of course, the cathedral has become a magnet for gringos from all over the world and the locals are adjusting to that (like the lady rushing towards me with her scarf).

thanks for the kind comment


p.s. there seemed to be much less tourism activity in guatemala than in ecuador for example. the main airport (guatemala city) is still very small with only a handful of international flights coming in. there is only one another airport in the whole country: in flores, peten; that one takes in a couple international flights a day. consider also the fact that I never had to book a hotel in advance: something was always available even on the weekends. i guess, the reputation of guatemala for being one of the most dangerous country (killings, kidnappings, rapes, muggings do happen there) in central/south america is not contributing well to the tourism flow there.
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