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Default To Dubsie: hi here is the story.

hi durba
no this was actally a part of my workshop work which lasted about 5-6 days. we were supposed to do a story and i chose to do this one...


As darkness fell it brought with it a sense of loneliness. I had been to Siem Reap in Cambodia over three years ago when it had felt different. The roads were dustier, the people more well visible and the town was a sleepier one.
Its different now. Or at least it felt different to me. People from the streets have been cleansed out to make the town more attractive to tourists who come in hordes to visit the glorious Angkor temples next door. Just too many new bars and lounges and nightclubs have mushroomed as hot spots all over town providing a haven for tourists and prostitutes..
What I felt at night was a stark contrast. Between the empty, strange, harsh and eerie streets where Id seldom come across shadows of humans and animals, and even those that I came across, I found them enveloped in a certain strangeness. And then there were these hot spots that provided refuge from the loneliness that came along with the night.

I wanted to document the strange contradictions of a night in this sleepy town through the perspective of a lonely outsider.

there is a sequence in the photostory but not in this collage. i only wanted to present the 2 contadictions at one time spread out one among the other.

i'm also beginning to get interested in presentations now. although for me the core of the photographs still remain most important but because i'm looking to not look at only the internet as a place to present work, i'm toying with different ideas keeping other ideas in mind.

for example this particular collage i was curious to see as a big print and not as a web presentation.
different reasons...
firstly this is the first time i worked with a digital camera. the camera wasn't the greatest and the lens was a kit lens or something. plus the file size is not too great (i had to also shoot on jpeg). now i don't know too much about what impact all this would have on my prints.. but i'm a little scared to get 20" x 24" prints out fo these files.

i hope i'm proved wrong..

but this was just to see how i could get say a 44" or 60" long print out of my work. plus experiment with this sort of a presentation..

perhaps a diptych or a triptych as well later on....

the thing is that i have all my original photographs.. so why not try and play with them.. if nothing works out then i can always go back to the simple old originals. no?
hope i'm able to answer your questions properly..

take care :)
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