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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

Hi Luko,

I'm sure you're right about publication. Still, there must be something to be said for showing the agency what you think are good photographs before thinking about what to sell. The alternative's pretty depressing. If he has a couple in every submission they like but can't print, I don't think that's negative. That the focus was rotten is another matter!

As for the dump, it may be overdone, perhaps even somewhat shallow in the involvement (yet aren't many successful photos?), but at least it is a theme - that's all I meant, and Maciek has some pretty good ones in the dump genre. Could be any other theme. You can't present a portfolio of 'my travels abroad' - not unless you're interesting and famous enough to string them together with your own life. Otherwise you give that very same impression of comfy tourism, cushy hotels and AC cars...

many greetings,
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