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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

some of my recommendations:
"Hungry Flies"
"Helping Hand" (maybe with a slight crop on the right to nick that fabric out, but don't cut the hand at all)
"back to life"
"Too much Sand"
"a village doctor"
"Romance on St. Mary"
"a lady climbing the fence"
"girls on phones"
"mate, the police are coming"

Well... I thought you would have more strong stuff but that's all I see. Where is your Pakistan work? Your Cardiff work is best, it is actually DIFFERENT!

Also, don't submit the photos with the titles, keep it simple and numbered in the sequence you want them to be seen... and think about that sequence, it's important.
Don't submit more just to submit more (unless there is a required amount, not just a maximum amount). 10 strong images is better that 20 good ones.

Good luck,
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