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Default To avis2avis: the sharpness/steve mccurry's portraits

hello avishek
it's pretty strange that you two are finding this image unsharp, maybe i need toget my eyes checked. have looked through the lens too long and it has started to strain me a bit. i agree about the blur on the man's left shoulder, but that's because i was using a telephoto lens . i dont know if you've read the national geographic edition okashmir i think it was november 1991 ( will check up on it later) it's been done by mccurry. there's a beautiful portrait of this old kashmiri guy, has a similar blur to it. that is an amazing photograph by mccurry however sharbat gula's portrait seems to have overshadowed the rest of his portraits. i like her portrait , but my favourite by him is of the boy playing holi in mumbai.
you should check out "monsoons" by mccurry. also if you like some hardcore social photographs goto he's the best war photographer in the world. thats one of the lines i want to shift to. he's so good that they made a movie on him.
did you know that david alan harvey went on his first national geographic assignment when he was 23 . he screwed it up and his editor wrote "dear david, you're young and strong, but what im going to write to you is going to make you feel old and weak...." you must be knowing it already . you have a good taste of photographers.i emt a friend of alan harvey's , another national geographich photographer. told me that harvey uses a leica m7
anyway take care
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