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Default To Polonaise: no need for this one...

I have done something like that before, i accused Adam for cheating without even having look on his magnificent work and technique. And i still feel very sorry that i have ever done it even me and Adam sort the things out and get on well now. I appologised and i think you shoud do the same coz as Adam said, it's not a critique what you have written here, it's some kind of personal attack and abuse. And i feel really bad for him coz first of all it is not what this website is about. What makes you feel that Adam cannot be taking such a photos? ...What a contrast with your previous productions???? ...Regain yourself.... What on Earth are you talking about? If you don't like this photo, fair play, but think twice before you write something as aggresive as you wrote here. I've done this before so i know what i'm talking about and i learned a big lesson. Don't miss the fact, that Adam's work is probably the best seen on this website and loosing such a member is not a loss for Adam, but for everybody here!!!!
Think about it and please do appologise to him.
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