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I love my Nikon and Olympus DSLR cameras, but frankly $200 is not much. The DSLRs are so much more flexible in operation and expandable as you can afford things. Maybe look at a used Olympus E-series camera (E-310, E-410, etc.) with a "kit" lens from someone who is upgrading, I think you would like the operation and performance - especially the color.
Also, I think you can get a good used Olympus E-10 or E-20 for under $200. Their "pixel count" is low, but the lens and the flexibility of this handy camera produced some great results for me. I am tempted to get another one to replace a water damaged one. The photo linked to below was take with my E-10 on Prince Edward Island.
I would definitely look at photos posted on the internet from the camera models you are looking at. Along with Trekearth, Flickr and many other photo sites allow you to search images by camera type.
- Dave

PEI E-10 shot:

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