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Default To gringofil: too true

As I wrote to 'pup, I don't think this is my best shot, by far from the day--but I am just killing myself trying to get a good vertical, even to the point of posting verticals that are not up to snuff.

Both this and my last post (also a vertical I wasnt completely happy with) are from my obsession of late (since Jose Ellias rightly pointed out that the majority of my Philippine posts are horizontal) to get a good vertical! It's killing me man. I just can't do it! [*I've got a few Mia verticals that I think are good, but don't want to go back to posting Mia pics just yet.]

I think starting tomorrow I'm just going to stop forcing it and post the horizontals that I think are decent.

Seriously, it's hurting my head that I can't see good verticals these days.

Thanks for the critique man, I appreciate it.

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