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Default To batalay: Mostar bridge

Merhaba Bulent Bey. The New Old Bridge is a replica of the Old Old Bridge (Stari Most means Old Bridge in Slav). The enormous blocks of stone originally used in the Ottoman period were unsuitable after being at the bottom of the river for years.Turkish engineers were instrumental in its reconstruction and Croatian steel was used for the reinforcements. (The irony being that it was the Croat units that blew it to smithereens). It was the normal wear of feet from merchant, imam, priest, soldier, and peasant alike that gave it the polished look that I loved- as it made one feel part of the continuum of history. That is all gone, apart from a number of pieces of the bridge that were placed at the very start of the arch in order to show what was.The town is as authentic as one can make it after almost total annihilation.
Thank you for your continuing interest. Selamlar. Klaudio.
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