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Default To willperrett: Richard.....

Hello Will,

Many thanks for your kind words yet again!

Richard appears to have given up entirely on TE as also has his friend Martin from Cumbria. But, no, I don't think he's moved on, I think he still stays in Cropredy, in the lockkeeper's cottage, to be precise. If you can manage to look at the map I gave (I think some can see maps and some cannot on this crazy website), change to satellite view, find my red pointer which is on the east bank of the canal, head south a matter of probably no more than 100 yards to the northern of the lock gates and the cottage is on the west bank of the canal right there. Richard, incidentally, is still on Facebook and frequently posts photographs from this area on that website.

I believe that Fairport Convention have their annual festival in a big field very close by - and that is pretty close to Cropredy bridge, the site of the not terribly famous Battle of Cropredy Bridge of 1644 (during the English Civil War). It's actually a rather pretty and rather twee little village and just the place for some lovely walks along the canal towpaths.

Take care and stay safe.

Best Wishes,

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