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Default cookies etc at opening the website for the first time

Hi there,

Every time I open TrekEarth on a new device, new phone, new comp, or after a while it asks me to accept the cookies etc. The problem is that it displays two screens with this or similar request and I noticed you have to accept them in certain order. The one which is displayed with the first request is very quickly covered with the second request. You cannot accept the one which is displayed as second unless you have accepted the first one. And you cannot move aside the first request. So... I know that already so what I do -if I don't click ok on the first request quickly enough I reload and the first request is repeated so I am trying to quickly click on it before the second screen appears.
However, I have asked several people to look at TrekEarth recently (smart young people with IT knowledge) and they gave up saying that they cannot go through questions about cookies. I think the way these requests appear are discouraging a lot of people who try to look at the website for the first time. Most of us use the same devise so we don't need to approve constantly, but if you are new, you will not bother figuring out how to click though multiple requests. I am quite tired of explaining to new people that I am on this great website (I mean TrekEarth) but almost nothing works and you cannot even open it if you don't have a strategy to do it.

I know it is a bit naive to ask for help here and hope that somebody will do something about it, but nevertheless the website is not entirely dead yet.
If the Administrators/Owners have any interest in new people visiting this site I strongly encourage them to look into these messages. No other website asks these questions on two screens covering each other and none does it in such complicated way.

Kind regards,
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