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Default :))

Hi Fred,
well well, I told you it's just my opinion - my perception!
I agree: when cropped, the photo would be of a square format... maybe it would look strange.

As a famous Chinese philosopher once said, "how can we know which of us is right and which of us is wrong? Maybe both of us are wrong? Maybe both of us are right? Maybe you are right and I am wrong? Maybe you are wrong and I am right?"
I like this idea a lot.

After all, in certain circumstances and from certain points of view, each of us is really right. it depends on how we look at it.

Seriously, I am not too sure about cropping myself, so this was just a suggestion - an instant feeling when I saw the photo.
By the way, maybe if this were a colour photo I would see it differently! (which is also important). it's just the black colour - nothing more.

Originally Posted by delnaja View Post
No message indeed, I saw her in the crowd and found her so different from the others.
I guess I used the word "message" wrongly in this case And it was referred to the colour only

I can make mistakes sometimes
Mistake or not a mistake - it is always a step forward. At least, I think so.

Rainy Paris today
Cloudy and very warm in Moscow... still warm
in the news they say it's up to +40C in Central Europe?!

Best regards and good luck!
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