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Default To PaulVDV: indias


remember: Brazil is a big country and you can find each corner very different of the other. you visited one of the most european parts of brazil, in this region you will find few indians in their reserves. in the driest region of brazil (inside the north-eastern brazil) you will see lots of people with a big amount of indian blood mixed with portuguese, it is the same in central brazil. in amazon basin this indigenous heritage is much more evident.
----the guarany indians, who lived in my region) were forced to be christians (they had no choice) when they became more educated the hunters of slaves from são paulo invaded my region and took a big part of them like slaves, others escaped going down paraná river with the spanish priests. in that zones the jesuits created other cities and villages with these same indians, this was a communist experience. their society was destroyed 150 years after because the portuguese and spanish empires didn't like the power of the priests in that region. it is a long explanation. I am not sure if you will understand.

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