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Originally Posted by bayno View Post
I'm not an expert in web design, but I think I understand that the decision to be able to upload photos with a larger size will serve not much, purpose if they don't change the layout page that probably is designed precisely to upload photos of 800 pixels, the difference is seen in fact uploading photos with the longest vertical
I thank the staff, however, and I hope that soon they can do something to solve the problem.
It seems that there won't me much change. It's been 4 months since the new size allowance.
So, this is how it goes.
--On the regular TE site, the picture is resized to fit the screen, so there is no difference with before the new allowance. Except that if someone uploads your photo for some reason or other, he or she will get a big size.
--WS on regular TE. If it's too large, you see only part of the picture.
The way to overcome this is to do a right click on the picture, then click on "View image".

--On Beta TE, main pic and WS. If they are too big, you see only part of the pic. But you can scroll sideways with the mouse to see the rest, which spoils the pleasure of seeing the whole pic at once.
Same way to overcome this with a right click and "View image".
Best regards.

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