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Default To Royaldevon: tablets in Myanmar?

Hello Beverly!
Thanks a lot for your very nice words
I was not sure about uploading such personal photos, but I think together with my note it was worth it.
Tablets/smartphones inMyanmar? I visited this wonderful country 7 times.6 times before the embargo was stopped in 2012 and there was only trading with china. But then Obama, germany`s forreign minister Westerwelle and other important politcians had an official invitation of the Myanmar government and nobelprize winner Aung San Suu Kyi ( the lady)was set free after 15 years of housearrest.
In these times nobody had a mobile or even a smartphone or tablet but they knew from TV and DVD`s and they learned very quick. My last visit was in 2015 and it has changed a lot.
Most people in the cities have a smartphone now and sometimes it was very annoying in
restaurants when waiters spent more attention to them than for their customers.
But I can excuse this because Myanmar/ Burma was isolated from the rest of the world for more than 50 years.
Myanmar people love it when you are intersted in their culture, religion and way of living and vice versa they are open and want to learn about the rest of the world.
I shared my photos with many people , they liked them but said: We don`t want to go there and support such a regime. But after 2012 most people thought Myanmar is a democracy now. Myamanar was booming and the prices for accommodation has become triple. But in my opinion the only change was that the generals wear now smart suits instead of uniforms. And the killing goes on. Especially the prosecution of the Rohingya people.
Even Aung San Suu Kyi was accused at the International Court of justice in Den Haag.
There is still a law that 25% of the government members have to be from the military. So far away from a real democracy.
But away from the main attractions Myanmar is still a wonderful , unspoiled country and worth a visit. eg my next upload from Mawlamyaing, only 300 kilometers away from Yangon, but a 13 hours very bumpy trainride.
Excuse my not perfect english.

Thanks again and best regards,
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