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Thank you for the interesting explanation ...

I support your way of thinking but I am not sure if I understand one thing correctly. What do you mean by "slow" or maybe that's the same matter as in my lovable camera olympus E-10 ? The camera is great but slow one during writing protos to a memory card. Sometimes it take up to 15 sec, using the max. resolution, so probably as in your case I was passing over some interesting moments from time to time. But, I am not going to sell it anyway. This E-10 was my first SLA camera and it'll remain forever

As I've written previously, that R-D1 camera is hard to obtain in Europe, in my opinion, so could you be so nice and tell me what is the average price for this camera in your region ?

By the way, I've seen a photo taken by you on TE, but it's disappeared. It has got a classy B&W tones among other things. I mean a photo about a painter sitting at the bank of a river or a canal ...

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