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Default Re: Photography & reality III

Interesting topic, Gal, I simply drop a few lines now to mark it and book some neuron conections in my mind for a further reply... too late for me and lazyminded at the time I'm writing this. I'd simply say for the moment that :

A I won't reply to 1- as it is a too vast topic that owes more to epistemology and for which i have no sufficient knowledge (or far away courses) except that I'm deeply convinced I'm rather on the nominal side of the thingy and that Friedman toolboxes or Kuhn switching paradigms helped me convince that reality is such a moving truth...

B question 3- is the more interesting (I mean to all photographers) topic I believe, I think there could be a way to an answer through semiotics and the theory of the "semiotics square" which is a very interesting analysis method that IMHO could shed some lights on many photos and photographers. I'll come back to it later on.
(Sh*t should also re-read Sontag beforehand... you're giving us homework, Gal ...)
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