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Default New Scavenger Hunt Area

A new Scavenger Hunt area has been implemented, replacing the previous Themes based scavenger hunt. To view it, please click 'Gallery' and then the Scav Hunt tab, located next to the Themes tab.

Some of the new changes and features:

1. Ability to browse all items in a hunt by member.
2. Ability to browse all photos for a specific item.
3. A stats page to see how many items each member has completed, and a list and optional description of each hunt item.
4. All hunts are archived for easy viewing later on.

To kick off this new scavenger hunt feature, a great new hunt has been kindly created by Darren. He also came up with the hunt idea, as well as coming up with the now archived April hunt. Please see this thread for his posts on the hunts.

Note that the idea behind the scavenger hunt is to motivate us to get out and take some new images. And so all photos posted to a hunt must be taken during the hunt time frame.

Please let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions on how to improve this new Scavenger Hunt feature. Thanks.
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