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The easiest way to notice wrong location is to look at counties which are not popular on TE
One can almost always find something wrong in there.
For example looking at County Carlow in Ireland, one can find a photo from Giants Causeway, there is no doubt about the location as the author gives it in the title to this photo:
click here to see it.
This photo is not only in wrong county but even in a wrong country.
It should be under United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, County Antrim.
In situations like this I wonder though if it would not be better to delete this photo completely as this is the only photo from this author and such a poor quality.

Another funny example from County Carlow are these two photos:
photo 1 and photo 2.
County Carlow is not located near the coast but inland so the location of both photos must be wrong. Again his author is not very popular on TE... and those were his two only photos uploaded...

What can we do in such cases?
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