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Default Whitby.......

Hi Bev,

Yes, I think I really must have a trip to Whitby, especially if, as you say, there's an opportunity to see and have a trip on a steam train! Big (or old) boys and their big toys and all that.

I know a few people from our camera club go there regularly to the two Goth weekends and come back with piles of pictures which they spend ages editing and fiddling about with - one of our guys did this incredible composition using several photographs from all over the place - it was a picture of a Goth girl sitting astride a huge motorbike coming out of a tunnel with gravestones and skeletons and ghosts all around. He told me it took him a month using photoshop to achieve the end result. All damn clever but, quite honestly, I certainly don't have the skill to do that sort of thing and, secondly, I'm not actually sure if I'd want to. To me that is really "graphic art" and not really photography at all. But, having said all that, these are the sorts of pictures which win all the competitions nowadays.

But, yes, I must have a trip there. And from Mariusz's pictures as well as your own, it looks like there's lots to see and do there. There's the abbey and the harbour and Captain Cook's stuff - and there's always fish and chips too!

Have a great weekend!

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