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Default To kasianowak: Philippines

Thank you Kasia,

My experience was that the cities in the Philippines were very modern and much less interesting.
I also remember that there was a lot of fast food there

In the Cordillera it was different.
In general the Philippines are a country of incredible natural beauty.

The water villages I visited were located in the southwest of Mindanao.
There are three villages on stilts in the vicinity of Zamboanga. At the time, one of those three was not recommended to visit for security reasons.
I then went to the bridge that led over a river to the stilt houses but saw several hostile faces and returned.
Years later someone told me that you can no longer go to Zamboanga. I don't know what the current situation is. But in Mindanao it is best to inform yourself in advance and at several people/agencies.

So far I've never been on Palawan
This would be a fantastic beautiful island but I heard that some places have now become very touristy (at least before the corona pandemic.

All the best !
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