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Default why was Polonaise's account disabled ???

This came all of a sudden, I saw his last photo about one hour ago, was busy with other things and then Pfffft ! all his photos have simply vanished, his account 'disabled' !

Without any explanation nor farewell, our George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) is out.

It's not his style to leave that way and I guess that I won't be the only one to ask what happened to him. He had more than 500 photos here, was here since a long time so it is a great loss to the members who care about people photography.

I really feel very sorry for this. He was giving a breathing energy into this site which will not be the same from now on.

Can someone give a valid explanation ?
He won't even be able to intervene here and to tell us what happened to him !
Not a glorious day for TE !

(Could this be temporary, I wonder ?
Is this a bad joke ?)

I'd like the photos back !!!
I want his shark back ! And his photos full of humor, and the ones that were so moving

Not ashamed to be one of his fan...
I'll miss him and might leave for good, specially if no explanation is given !


Moderator note - it's only a 7-day ban for Polonaise and ScottHale not permanent ban. They are baiting and fighting publicly and it's affecting the tone of the site.
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