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Letís get a couple of things straight, right away : I personally think that photography and animated film are two different universes, and avoid as much as I can, to confound these two approaches.

I am also far from being a mystical individual looking after my Karma in the shape of clouds, or talking to the trees and the little flowers in the fields.

This thread is intended to recommend you a film called Baraka . If you read some of the reviews in the link provided to Amazon, youíll soon realize that most of them exalt this film as if it was a divine message, a sort of tribute to mankindÖ well, I personally donít share that kind of enthusiasm as far as an eventual philosophical message hidden behind the images.

This is a film, or rather a succession of images with no connection between them (if you want to find a connection yourself, youíre welcome), no dialogues, no context (mmhh.. at least a coherent context), no history.

Iím suggesting it to you for two reasons:

1.)Independently of the authorís intention (actually I still canít say what his real intention was), this film is made of an extraordinary succession of photographs. Each image is a photograph in itself (or could have been a photograph if it hadnít been part of a film). Every type of photography, from landscape, to portraiture, to street photography, can be found here. It is an extraordinary film from a graphic point of view.

2.)This movie was filmed in 24 countries around the world, representing fragments of different cultures, even though they often lack a context or an explanation.

These two factors allow this film to be referenced here in TE, in my opinion of course. To all of those who will discover it through this thread, I would like to precise, once again, that if I truly think it is very interesting from a visual point of view, I donít share in any way the mystical message some viewers want to find in it.

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